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your tan

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  • Exfoliate your skin 2 days before the session. The fresh skin cells will form a smooth base that your spray tan will stick to. The fresher the skin cells, the longer the life of the tan. A good scrub and an exfoliating mitt will allow the elimination of all the dead skin cells and impurities on the body. Pay attention to rough areas like the top of the feet, heels, ankles, elbows, knees, knuckles, etc.

  • If the skin is sweaty, make sure to dry it prior to the application.

  • Do not wear makeup, cream, sunscreen, perfume or deodorant. 

  • Shave, wax and exfoliate the skin at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. It’s important to allow the amino acids to reconstruct as DHA needs amino acids to develop. Also, the pores need time to close before applying the solution. Otherwise, the bronzer can get soaked into the pores.

  • Do not wear any existing self-tanner or residue from a former spray tan on the skin.

  • Do not use lotions, oil-based exfoliating products, gels or waxing/shaving creams on the day of the appointment. These can leave a film and change the pH of the skin.
  • If you really need to take a shower before the appointment, take it 3 hours prior to the session and rinse only with warm water. The steam can open the pores.

  • Manicures, pedicures, facials and massages should be done days before the appointment.

  • The application can be done with or without undergarments or a bathing suit.

  • Wearing loose and dark clothes is recommended for after the session. Tight clothing can rub against the tan and remove color on some areas.

The secret to achieving a flawless spray tan glow has everything to do with preparing the skin before a session and maintaining the tan after the session. To ensure your tan is perfect and even, please follow this simple guide:

How to Prepare for Lash Extensions

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1- Set Aside Enough Time
Your first eyelash extension appointment can take anywhere from two to three hours, depending on the style of lashes you’re having done. It may sound like a long time, but remember that we’re applying the lash extensions one by one to each one of your natural lashes. Make sure to schedule accordingly and give yourself plenty of time for the entire appointment. The last thing you want is to stress about the time when you’re lying back in the treatment bed. 

2- Come With a Bare Face
Hygiene is paramount for ensuring a successful lash application. Eye makeup residue can prevent your lash extensions from adhering properly, but beyond that, we simply don’t want any makeup getting in your eyes during the appointment. Waterproof mascara is especially persistent, so try to avoid wearing it for at least a few days before your appointment.

3- Avoid Oily Skincare or Makeup
Avoid wearing any heavy eye creams or oily sunscreens on the day of your appointment. Your lash technician will wipe the area around your eyes before they get started, but you want to totally eliminate any chances of oily residue sticking around. Plus, once your lash extensions are on, you’ll need to stop using oily makeup and skincare anyway, so you might as well get started in advance. 

4- Have an Idea of Your Style
Lash extensions are endlessly customizable, so it’s good to come with an idea of the styles you like. A great lash stylist will take her time to listen to you. She’ll also give her own recommendations based on your eye shape and what will be safe for your natural lashes. Even so, it’s better if you’re ready for that conversation. Start by learning the difference between classic, volume, and hybrid lashes. 

5- Be on Time
Staying on schedule is really important at a busy salon! Lash technicians usually make sure to book appointments with a bit of extra room on either side, but a very late client can still throw off our entire day. So please make sure to come to your appointment on time! It’s even better if you’re early since it’ll give you enough time to use the toilet and get comfortable before the application starts. 

6- Skip the Coffee (And Other Stimulants)
I usually ask my clients to avoid drinking coffee, energy drinks, or any other sources of caffeine for at least 4 hours before their appointment. You want your body to relax easily when you’re in the treatment bed – sleeping is encouraged. Instead, have a cup of chamomile tea to help you relax.

7- Be Ready for Aftercare
Lash extension aftercare is a lot more important than anything you do before your first appointment. It involves keeping your lash extensions clean and combed, avoiding oil-based makeup or skincare, and generally keeping your lashes protected. It’s better if you understand the aftercare requirements thoroughly before your first appointment, especially if you’ll need to purchase any new products.